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Become a Business Mentor

Become a Business Mentor

Become a Business Mentor

If you have plenty of business experience, you could offer your services as a mentor to others. As a mentor, you will support, develop and challenge your mentee. Whether they have just started their business or are simply seeking guidance, you’re in an ideal position to offer assistance.

This month’s blog at SCS Financial Management looks at how you can become a business mentor. For more details, call us in Reigate on 01737 373707.

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Improve Listening & Asking Questions

Almost two thirds of entrepreneurs say they had no previous experience of owning or managing a business. Therefore, many of your clients will be at the early stages of an exciting but stressful journey.

As a mentor, you will need to be a good listener. Having someone who can listen to their questions, worries and plans can be a relief. Let your client talk and share their ambitions. You should also ask them simple questions that will let them speak freely.

Express Emotional Intelligence

As an accountant, you will be used to basing your thinking on numbers and data. However, numbers don’t tell you everything. Emotional intelligence is equally as important as being a finance professional.

Get to know your client and show empathy for their situation. Support them fully and don’t shy away from discussing mental health and wellbeing.

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Become a Valuable Part of their Journey

Becoming a mentor is not just about helping your client run their business. It is also about supporting them on their personal journey as a leader.

Discuss what they want from life and their long-term goals. Furthermore, look at how their business can support and drive their personal goals.

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Set Goals & Track Progress

Setting goals is something you are used to doing with clients. However, these ones don’t have to solely be financial. Sit with your client and set targets that will support their journey.

Inspire Them

Your experience is what makes you qualified to step into mentorship. Your client needs proper support and guidance. Having worked with a wide range of business owners, you have the financial and strategic skills to do so.

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For further information about becoming a business mentor, contact SCS Financial Management. Call us in Reigate on 01737 373707. Alternatively, you can make an enquiry through our online contact form.

You can find us here.

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